Vaccine Detox for Dogs

dog vaccine deetox

Vaccine Detox for Dogs

If your pets are “forced” to get vaccines or else, and you can't prevent it (because they'll threaten to take your dog away, yeah nice people) then immediately use a Pet Vaccine or Vaccine Detox for Dogs or cats as soon as you can! It works for Dogs, Cats and other pets that have been vaccinated. They are unsafe for pets the same way they are unsafe for humans. There are some common vaccines that seem to cause the most problems for your pets, like:

  • Bordetella Vaccine Side Effects
  • Leptospirosis Vaccine Side Effects (Lepto Vaccine Side Effects)
  • Dog in Pain after Lepto Vaccine
  • Dog Vaccine Side Effects Lethargy

No living being needs vaccines, they need a healthy immune system, clean water and good hygiene. What they do need is a natural vaccine detox. That's what saved people and our pets, not vaccines! The above Pet Vaccine Detox (pictured below) can help get the toxins out of their bodies before it causes negative side effects or becomes lethal. You can always use the same things below that are for humans in smaller doses as a dog vaccine detox.


dog vaccine reaction treatment




Holistic Pet Food


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