Treatment for Seizures in Dogs

treatment for dog epilepsy

Treatment for Seizures in Dogs

Your dog can get epilepsy and experience seizures and convulsions in a similar way that humans do. You don't have to give them harmful medicines, with side effects. You can give them a safe and effective Natural Treatment for Seizures in Dogs or cats and help them get through it! It works for Dogs, Cats and other pets that have epilepsy or symptoms of seizures.

Chemicals in pet food (non-organic or grain based dog food) can cause heavy metals to interfere with their natural and healthy brain and nerve function. Infection, particularly in the brain can cause dogs to have seizures too. Feeding your loving pets healthy natural pet food can help prevent and reverse a lot of chronic conditions they are facing like arthritis, heart disease, urinary tract problems and even cancer in dogs and cats.


Seizures are your dogs nerves that are being overstimulated by some environmental toxins in their living spaces or the food or medicine you are giving them. That is why choosing holistic pet care and in this case a natural treatment for seizures in dogs or cats can make all the difference so they recover fully. If you suspect your dog has an infection, you can sprinkle some zeolite powder in their food (a natural heavy metal detoxifier, pathogen remover, parasite remover and anti-cancer remedy.) It can really help for any of these causes.


dog epilepsy symptoms


Symptoms of Seizures in Dogs

How can you tell if your dog is having or about have a seizure? There are telltale Signs and Symptoms of Seizures in Dogs that let you know your dog may have epilepsy or other nervous system disorder! Here are the most common signs that your dog is having seizures: 

  • Paddling of the legs
  • Collapsing or falling down on one side
  • Drooling or foaming at the mouth
  • Frenzied barking or whining
  • Incontinence
  • Looking panic or confused
  • Chomping or chewing at nothing
  • Stiffness in his legs
  • Shaking or tremors

If you notice any of the above symptoms of dog seizures or epilepsy then you should give them the best natural treatment for seizures in dogs (shown at the bottom of this page.) It will lessen the severity and duration of their seizures or convulsions. If you are consistent with using them, your dog can get past the seizures. It also helps to feed your dog a grain free dog food, see: Natural Pet Food.



Natural Treatment for Seizures in Dogs

Using a Natural Treatment for Seizures in Dogs and Cats can help your “best friend” live a better quality and quantity of life. You can help your dog prevent and get past the dreaded seizures or epileptic convulsions in a safe and natural way. Seizures can be serious, as they can have grand mal seizures the same way humans do. It can be fatal, particularly in older dogs and cats. Helping them get control of their brains and nerves can help stop the seizures and epileptic fits before they happen again.


The following Natural Treatment for Seizures in Dogs works really to eliminate the nerve connections that are causing seizures in your dog. It is safe and non-addictive and without side effects. Your dog will just start feeling better and lessen the severity and duration of seizures till he or she finally eliminates them completely. For more information just click on the dog epilepsy kit below. 


treatment for seizures in dogs


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